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Nearly 3,000 More BitTorrent users Sued
June 11, 2011
Thomas Mennecke
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For the most part, porn BitTorrent litigators are steamrolling through the courts, while the US Copyright Group has run into a brick wall. And there's growing evidence that porn P2P litigation is much more profitable than dealing with independent movies - most people are too traumatized by the nature of porn copyright litigation to mount a credible defense.

After yesterday's sizable number of BitTorrent litigants, 2,996 John Does are facing copyright litigation, mostly from newcomer Zero Tolerance Entertainment. In Illinois District court, Copyright Enforcement Group's Ira Siegle filed a single lawsuit against 2,943 Does, allegedly sharing the adult film "Official Wife Swap Parody" via BitTorrent.

A more modest number of John Does were sued in the Southern District of Florida - a mere 53, for sharing the adult title "Dexxxter". The complaint was filed by Neil Rubin, attorney for Pink Lotus Entertainment, the Plaintiffs in this case.


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