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Porn Producers Drop the Lawsuit Bomb on 9,105 Defendants
June 9, 2011
Thomas Mennecke
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Just yesterday we reported on the US Copyright Group’s misfortune in DC District Court, where the judge presiding in the case slammed the P2P litigation group for wasting time and questionable jurisdictional issues surrounding the 23,000+ defendants. The message sent by the courts appears to be consolidating: such a large collection of John Does defendants per case is unacceptable. Yet today we report 3 massive lawsuits totaling 9,105 defendants. Let’s break it down.

The first lawsuit is a bit of an anomaly. Unfortunately, none of the actual complaint documents in these cases are available, so judging by the massive scale of this complaint, and the attorney filing it, it’s an educated guess that it’s against BitTorrent users. The plaintiff in this case is Discount Video Center, Inc. vs. 5,041 John Does, who allegedly distributed the movie “Working Girl”. This case is one of the largest, although not the largest adult lawsuit filed so far – however it’s by far the most sizable in quite some time.

The next case features Patrick Collins, a production company who is no stranger to the P2P litigation scene, against 2,590 unnamed defendants who supposedly shared “Real Female Orgasms 10”.

Finally we have the adult entertainment producers New Sensations, Inc. who filed a lawsuit against 1,474 Doe defendants for sharing, so we’re told, the video “Big Bang Theory: A XXX Parody”.

All three cases were filed by the Copyright Enforcement Group – an organization very similar in nature to the US Copyright Group and The chief litigator is Ira Siegel, also no stranger to the P2P litigation scene. It remains to be seen how the justices in these cases, all filed in San Francisco, will entertain the mass influx of new John Doe litigants.


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