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Weekly BitTorrent Lawsuit Update - 1,756 Does Sued
May 30, 2011
Thomas Mennecke
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Just last week we were waiting for the hammer to drop, when "only" 21 Does were sued for alleged copyright infringement via BitTorrent. The last several days saw a substantial increase in lawsuits against BitTorrent users, as 1,756 new Does are now facing potential copyright litigation.

A majority of the new lawsuits, filed by P2P litigator Evan Stone, belong to one plaintiff: Funimation Entertainment. The accused are alleged to have shared "The Legend Is Born: IP Man". Interestingly enough, this a Hong Kong movie. Funimation, a US company, bought the "theatrical, home entertainment, broadcast, digital and merchandising" rights to the North American distribution just a few weeks ago.

Also of note is the large number of Does in this case. We've noticed that with the lawsuits, only ~20-~150 Does are alleged in each lawsuit. The days of 1,000+ Doe lawsuits seemed to be over, but the US Copyright Group is working 20,000+ Doe lawsuits on both the Hurt Locker and The Expendables.

If you read the complaint, note that the City of Madison and City of Thomasville Utilities are both alleged.

In a distant second was Boy Racer, a adult entertainment firm out of New York. Two separate complaints were filed, one that alleges 98 Does shared "LA Pink", and the other claims 73 illegally shared "Burning Angel - Krysta POV". Both cases were filed by in US District Court in northern California.

Also filing two complaints was Hard Drive Productions, one against 80 Does, the other against 58 Does. The actual titles of the works were not documented yet, but previous complaints from Hard Drive were over the "Amateur Allue" series.

Last was Pacific Century International LTD, who filed a copyright complaint against 101 Does in US District Court in Oakland California. The specific title in question isn't available, however, the previous complaint that Pacific filed was over the "Amateur Creampies" series. This complaint was filed by


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