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Amateur Allure Generates 93 New BitTorrent Lawsuits
April 25, 2011
Thomas Mennecke
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The "Amateur Allure" series is a popular adult video series produced by Hard Drive Productions. Like many other pornography producers, or at least some of them, Hard Drive Productions has enlisted the help of, a P2P litigation firm designed to provide an alternative means of collecting revenue for movie producers.

The method by which this is accomplished is wrought in controversy. Initially, these lawsuits would see several thousand individual John Does per copyright complaint. However, the courts were not convinced that the thousands of individuals sued at once could possibly all belong to one jurisdiction, and slowly the mass litigation scene unraveled.

P2P litigators have adapted to an extent. Instead of suing thousands of individuals at once, the trend is to sue several dozen - perhaps 10, maybe 20, or in this latest case, Does 1-45 and Does 1-48.

Both cases were filed in US District Court in Northern California; specifically, the titles cited are Amateur Allure "Kim" and "Jen", respectively. Other than alleging copyright infringement for a much smaller number of individuals, this lawsuit is rather unremarkable on its surface. But we'll keep tabs as this case progresses, as these cases are reshaping the way copyright infringement is prosecuted.


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