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Windows 7 With Makeup Leaked
April 13, 2011
Thomas Mennecke
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The Internet is abuzz this morning with reports that an early version of Windows 8 has been leaked on BitTorrent and the newsgroups. Designated as "Windows 8 Milestone 1", the early release would be an information coup for those looking to get a sneak peek well before the 2012 projected release date. But is it really Windows 8?

If we take a look at the screenshots, there's very little to indicate this leak is legitimate. In fact, suspicions are raised with the desktop is splashed with "shhh...let's not leak our hard work". Oh please.

Our suspicions were corroborated as feedback slowly rolls in on sites such as The Pirate Bay. Users who downloaded and installed the 2.4 gigabyte ISO were disappointed to find out that it's just Windows 7 renamed to Windows 8. Surely Microsoft plans on putting considerably more effort into their new OS. According to one poster:

"This is a fake. Info gathered from files : 6.1.7600. 16385(win7_rtm.090713-1255). Since Win 8 is a new kernel, this aint it."

So in all, this appears to be just a 13 day late April fool's day joke. They did pretty well, considering the attention this story has already generated.

Edit: It's come to our attention that a leaked version of Milestone 1 that made its way online - a version dated 6 months ago. Some people want to call this Windows 8, but it's still using the Windows 7 kernel. So this release may not be "fake" in the malicious/malware sense, but it will bear no resemblance to the real deal when Windows 8 actually comes out.


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