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Atrix Users Patiently Wait for Tango Compatibility and to Use Front Camera
March 5, 2011
Thomas Mennecke
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The Motorola Atrix stormed onto the smartphone scene, easily trumping every portable computer out there. It won accolades at the 2010 CES (Computer Electronics Show) for its groundbreaking features, such as a dual core processor and its ability to transform into a netbook. Another great feature is the front facing camera, which theoretically should allow Android and iPhone users to communicate (other than using...what's that called again...oh yes, voice.)

The only existing bridge right now between Android and iPhone users in this respect is Tango, a mulch-platform application that both populations can use to “facetime” each other. Of course, FaceTime is an iPhone specific application, so dependence on Tango is significant if you want to video chat on your brand new Atrix with someone on an iPhone. Does Tango resolve this issue?

Well there's Hertz, and there's not exactly.

Every other Android device with a front facing camera can take advantage of Tango except one – the Atrix! It seems there's something about the Atrix that Tango doesn't like, perhaps the dual core processor. So every time you start Tango and try to video call someone, the application crashes and burns. In other words, if you love your new Atrix, there's one reason to hate it – other than taking pictures of yourself, the front facing camera is worthless.

That's not to say this will be permanent. Considering the Atrix hit the market a bit earlier than expected, several bugs and kinks remain that need to be worked out. This one is probably the worst, however, as Tango is aware of the issue and has made a statement indicating they are hot on the case.

“We recently acquired the Motorola Atrix and our engineers are working hard on adding support for this device. We hope to release a fix soon and I will update this thread as soon as it's available.”

In the meant time, unfortunately, new Atrix users are stuck with no “FaceTime” ability – at least outside the realm of Android users. There's another application called Qik that takes advantage of the front camera, but this only allows for inter-Android calls. Additionally, Skype Mobile doesn't allow for video chat either.

This certainly isn't the first report on the issue. If you read the thread at Tango, you'll notice many frustrated Atrix users. Hopefully this issue is resolved very soon.


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