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Russian, Ukrainian MP3 Sites - IFPI, Visa and MasterCard Team up to Cut Revenue
March 2, 2011
Thomas Mennecke
Font Bigger Font Smaller is a helluva brand name - the name conjures memories of a rich music site with a near unlimited array of various formats and artists to choose from. But that was last decade, and after a long battle with the music industry, the site was shuttered. One of the keys to this victory was cutting off AllofMP3's revenue stream by working with major credit card providers. The IFPI is attempting to replicate this success by once again working with the major credit providers against purported online pirate MP3 sites.

Just because died doesn't mean the dream of online pay MP3 sites died with it. Anyone who was around during the last decade knows the model was very successful; AllofMP3 was a resounding success, outstripping iTunes in not only quality, but price and community. And the music industry can't have any of that.

Although there are no direct heirs to in terms of popularity or global reach, there's a multiplicity of smaller music sites that operate very similarly. Combined, all of these smaller sites probably have the same power as AllofMP3. So in effect, while the music industry successfully destroyed AllofMP3, they did so only to see numerous new sites take its place (funny how history repeats).

Will the same happen to the new generation of Russian and Ukrainian MP3 sites? The IFPI has once again enlisted the help of major credit card providers, with MasterCard and Visa agreeing to cooperate. It remains questionable whether such a move will totally destroy these sites, but it's no secret that people would rather not go through the hassle of paying online with something other than their credit cards or PayPal. Nevertheless, even if this round works out for the IFPI, let's see if another similar story comes out in another few years.


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