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Operation Payback Targets IFPI, Warner Brothers in Response to Pirate Bay Verdict
November 28, 2010
Thomas Mennecke
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Operation: Payback has renewed motivation it seems. After the unsuccessful Pirate Bay appeal, supporters of Operation: Payback launched two DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks last night - one against the, and the other against Warner Brothers. This operation has been acting with near impunity since September when the attacks began, despite unverified claims of FBI involvement. As long as the identities behind Operation: Payback remain unknown, we suspect theses attacks will continue for the foreseeable future.

We're not quite sure which Warner Brothers website was attacked, but as of this writing their main page seems functional. The website is another story. Attacked last night, the website remains down and is unresponsive. This could simply be a defensive maneuver to avoid further damage on the server, but whether or not it was taken offline voluntarily, Operation: Payback has managed to knock the site offline.

Operations: Paybayck's affinity for The Pirate Bay is well known. Their logo uses a similar incarnation to Swedish BitTorrent site, and used the IRC channel "SaveThePirateBay" to coordinate communications. It's rather apparent that the appeal verdict against The Pirate Bay didn't go over well within the ranks.

"Today marked perhaps one of the most heinous of crimes against freedom. It has been announced that the leaders of ThePirateBay have been found guilty in a Swedish court. This travesty of injustice perpetrated by media conglomerates is an abomination against society."

For a while, it seemed as though Operation: Payback had called it quits. But this doesn’t appear to be the case as at least one high profile target has been hit within the last 24 hours. You can read the press release associated with this latest string of attacks here and the poster here.


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