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Operation Payback: Back in Business and About to Strike at IRMA
November 11, 2010
Thomas Mennecke
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It seems that a few weeks off from their DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) raids have re-energized the Operation: Payback campaign. After six days of their ho-hum attempt to bring down, supports of Operation: Payback are about to strike at IRMA - or the Irish Recorded Music Association. The strike is scheduled for 7PM GMT or 2Pm EST.

You'll remember that the IRMA is a strong supporter of the three strikes policy in Ireland. In fact in May of this year, they reached an agreement with the ISP Eircom to voluntary enact three strikes. IRMA also tried to enforce the three strikes policy in all of Ireland, but lost the case in an embarrassing setback last month. Although the judge was sympathetic to IRMA, he had little choice but to rule against them because no official legislation on three strikes exists in Ireland.

Mr Willie Kavanagh , Chairman of IRMA said "We are extremely disappointed that the High Court today has effectively determined that the Irish State has failed to protect the constitutional rights of copyright holders , by failing to implement EU Copyright directives correctly".

The latest rumors of FBI involvement only seem to have reinvigorated Operation: Payback. Whether or not such an investigation yields any results remains to be seen, but in the mean time, the Low Orbit Ion Canons and botnets are firing at IRMA.

Update: IRMA was taken down - and is down at the time of this writing (3:30PM EST). There is intermittent uptime.


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