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Largest John Doe Lawsuit to Date Filed - 9,729 Does Sued Over Adult Movie Distribution
November 5, 2010
Thomas Mennecke
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West Coast Productions is at it again, this time far exceeding any total number of John Doe lawsuits filed thus far. Yesterday in US District Court in West Virginia, a copyright complaint against 9,729 Does was filed - blowing Hustler's previous record of 7,098 Doe complaints out of the water. Again, the AdultCopyrightCompany's Kenneth Ford filed the complaint, bringing the total number of John Doe complaints under this company's supervision to at least 16,827.

This makes the AdultCopyrightCompany the current leader in John Doe lawsuits - the US Copyright Group "only" has 14,000. We can't say for certain that this current barrage of lawsuits is necessarily or exclusively BitTorrent related. Unfortunately, the current records in PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) are locked, but in all likelihood they are.

West Coast Productions is no stranger to the John Doe lawsuit scene. On September 24, they filed 535 John Doe lawsuits. And interestingly enough, the documents in that case were locked as well.

West Cost Productions is known for such titles as Big Black Booty, Phat Azz White Girls 6, Booty Talk 26 - Hip Hop Girls, Asian Size Queens, Chasing The Big Ones! 2, Oil Dat Big Ass Up!, She Got Way Mo Ass, Ghetto Booty, and Ass Parade.

We have emailed Mr. Ford for confirmation whether is indeed a BitTorrent related case, but at time of publication, we have not received a response.

Update: Mr. Ford emailed us and confirmed this was a BitTorrent case, and the title in question is "Teen Anal Nightmare 2".


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