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Promusicae Hit With Drive By DDoS
October 31, 2010
Thomas Mennecke
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Promusicae was hit this weekend with a quick DDoS attack as part of the ongoing efforts of Operation: Payback. Promusicae is a lot like the RIAA of Spain, except without any of the success against P2P websites or alleged users. In fact, some would argue they're just as impotent as the CRIA (Canadian Recording Industry Canada) of Canada, as they too are unable to muster any enforceable policy against file-sharing. Promusicae has indeed tried, however, as last year they tried suing Pablo Soto, master and commander of the Manolito P2P network which include Blubster and Piolet file-sharing clients.

It would seem that elements of Anonymous and other supporters of Operation: Payback consider Promusicae a rather minor target - certainly not the same plateau as the RIAA - but important enough to hit the site with a drive by DDoS attack over the weekend. The difference between this type of DoS (Denial of Service) and a more thoroughly planned attack is the impromptu nature of the strike; as its name implies the DoS attack is usually planned and executed within a few hours.

Promusicae hasn't had much success in stemming the file-sharing tide in Spain. It tried suing Pablo Soto last year, but it doesn't seem much ever came of that lawsuit considering all of Pablo's file-sharing programs are still available.

Additionally, anti-P2P outfit SGAE (also DoS'd earlier this month) brought legal action against other file-sharing websites, only to have their triumphs overturned, making Spain one of the few places on Earth with a liberal legal climate on P2P.

Is that it for Operation: Payback? Probably not - we think November 5 may be a big day.


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