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Anonymous Planning DDoS Attack Against the RIAA
October 28, 2010
Thomas Mennecke
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Operation: Payback typically doesn’t hit targets twice – but there are exceptions of course. There’s ACS:Law, who’s been struck three times and – struck at least twice. Now the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) is scheduled to be DDoS’d (Distributed Denial of Service) tomorrow (10/29) at 4:00 PM EST in retaliation for the shutdown of LimeWire. The RIAA was one of the major opposing forces against LimeWire in that case.

The RIAA was the second website hit when Operation: Payback began last month. Their website was hit on September 19, so there’s been over a month for whoever administers the RIAA’s website to prepare for another assault. Will it be enough?

Typically, supporters of Operation: Payback doesn’t wait long between selecting targets and firing their DOS tools – perhaps a day at most. It seems that Anonymous is expecting the RIAA’s web server to put up stiff resistance, as was seen with the attack against Hustler. News has been spreading fast within the Anonymous community; we suspect they’re biding their time in an effort to build their botnet force to sufficient strength before firing.

Considering the amount of traffic is designed to accommodate and the success Operation: Payback had against their server, the potential threat against the RIAA is quite real. The very public approach Anonymous is taking in their effort to drum up support for their strike is a crap shoot, however – it could take the service down or forewarn the RIAA of the impending attack and give them plenty of time to prepare. We’ll see soon enough.


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