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New Flow of BitTorrent Lawsuits from Hustler
October 19, 2010
Thomas Mennecke
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There’s a string of new BitTorrent lawsuits that erupted on October 15, with additional filing days on the 17th and 18th as well. Nearly 4,800 lawsuits against were filed in the last few days, bringing the total number of pornography related file-sharing lawsuits to just over 22,000 – outstripping the US Copyright Groups overall historical total of 19,000. This is made possible thanks to the fact that multiple law firms are part of the growing pornography "piracy to profit" copyright trolling campaign. Let’s take a look at the latest lawsuits in greater detail.

The first case is LFP Internet Group, LLC vs. Does 1-319, filed on October 15, by Evan Stone ( in US District Court, Dallas Texas. LFP is owned by Hustler, and the work in question is titled "Barely Legal #100". In the complaint, there’s a list of defendants, represented by their IP address and suspected ISPs – which turned up some rather interesting results:
Maine Libraries/Dept. of Education
Clarksville Department of Electricity
Ohio Public Library Information Network (OPLIN)

The next case is MCGIP, LLC vs. Does 1-316, filed by John Steele ( MCGIP is another adult entertainment producer, claiming copyright infringement against a variety of Does. However, in the complaint, numerous titles are named, such as: Phat Ass White Booty 6, Dynamic Booty 5, and Well Hung Amateurs 17. Sure, it seems easy to just lump all the titles into one complaint, right? Not really.

On October 1, Judge Ruben Castillo dismissed another John Steele complaint, stating that various titles couldn’t be lumped into one case.

"After a careful review of the case docket, the Court hereby dismisses the complaint without prejudice to a proper amended complaint which names individual defendants. Plaintiff's attorney is cautioned that there must be joint activity by similar defendants to name said defendants in one lawsuit...Individual lawsuits against any defendant operating individually would be appropriate."

Considering a different Judge is presiding over the case, perhaps Steele feels he'll have better luck – it will be interesting to see if the new Judge dismisses this case as well. However, both judges work in the same Northern Illinois District Court, so our guess is unless the new Judge doesn't do their research, the case may find itself dismissed.

Hustler makes another showing, this time filing two separate complaints (again by Evan Stone) against 3,120 and 1,106 Does on the 17th and 18th in Dallas District Court. This time, the accused are alleged to have shared "This Ain't Avatar XXX", which we can only imagine is some kind of porn spoof on the James Cameron blockbuster Avatar.

It seems the municipality of Clarksville needs to get their Internet policy act together, since they're accused of sharing this porn title on BitTorrent as well. The Clarksville Department of Electricity was also cited for sharing "Barely Legal #100" too. Seriously, guys.


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