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Operation Payback Hacks ACAPOR, Redirects to The Pirate Bay
October 17, 2010
Thomas Mennecke
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Today is proving to be a very active day for Operation: Payback. First, and was attacked. Unlike the first time, this was a united attack, which resulted in failure of both sites. Now, followers of Operation:Payback have attacked ACAPOR is a Portuguese outfit that looks out for the interests of movie rental establishments. And as it so happens, according to TorrentFreak, ACAPOR filed a complaint with the Portuguese Ministry of Culture against The Pirate Bay last month.

That made the site a prime target - as hackers have precipitated yet another attack. No, the site wasn't DoS'd, but it appears that another vulnerability was found, much like the MPAA's In the continuing effort of Operation:Payback, the site has been compromised. If one visits, the Operation:Payback manifesto is displayed. Within about 30 seconds, the site then redirects to The Pirate Bay.

We're not sure of the exact vulnerability exploited, as this is a fluid news event that we'll update as news comes in.


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