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MPAA's Website Defaced by Anonymous
October 15, 2010
Thomas Mennecke
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Anonymous, or various splinter cells within Anonymous, are showing no signs of letting up as the latest attack has defaced - an MPAA website designed to educate consumers about the virtues of DRM on DVD and Blu-Ray discs. The pro-DRM position the site represents didn't sit well with Anonymous, who found an exploit within the site and thoroughly defaced it. An explanation of the hack is described by Sunbelt Security, who suggests it was a DNS hack, although IRC chatter indicates it was an SQL hack. Let's go through the sequence of iterations the website has experienced.

Just one day ago, the was in its original format, proudly informing users that they couldn't copy that floppy:

Then sometime yesterday, Slyck received an anonymous tip about the defacement. If one travels to the website now, they are greeted by the Anonynous manifesto:

Now, here's the coup de grĂ¢ce - within about 30 seconds, the site redirects to The Pirate Bay. As TorrentFreak correctly points out, there is no direct relationship between the two "organizations". Much of the original attack was perpetrated in response to the alleged Denial of Service attack launched against various BitTorrent websites, and the continuous legal assault on The Pirate Bay.

The site has been defaced since yesterday, and like exploit of the website that lasted nearly a week, we wonder if there's anyone actually administering the website. Although there seems to be some sort of chain of command within Anonymous, individual splinter cells have shown just as capable of acting independently from from the main group, as was shown by the recent DoS attack against KISS frontman Gene Simmons' website. This indicates there may be no quick end to the string of attacks that was launched last month against the MPAA and RIAA websites.


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