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XILO Communications Say No Way to IP Address Demands
October 6, 2010
Thomas Mennecke
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A rather new ISP in the UK called XILO Communications, founded in 2003, are sending a strong message to solicitors considering file-sharing litigation - and specifically to ACS:Law. Simply handing over customer information because of a legal demand is a thing of the past, as XILO has stated on their Twitter page that any such attempts will be met with stiff resistance.

"We will defend our customers rights on such claims when they arise as an IP cannot directly identify who *may* have been *uploading* data. User privacy is of paramount to us and what happened to ACS:Law just shows it was not important to them."

UK ISPs are slowly backing away from a precarious public relations nightmare. The careless ACS:Law email data leak has prompted ISPs to put their customers first, rather than bowing to legal demands that are dubious at best.

BT/Plusnet, and BE broadband providers were in attendance on Monday's court hearing, where there Ministry of Sound attempted to obtain the identifiable information of customers suspected of sharing their work. This request was denied by the High Court, and adjourned the case until January 2011 when security issues will be addressed. XILO seems to be taking a much stronger stance than other ISPs, and may win over many new customers looking for an ISP that will protect their information. Slyck caught up with XILO, who elaborated on the situation for us.

"There are a small number of ISPs that know an IP address does not identify the person or people that may be sharing such material, only the owner of the connection (the bill payer). The IP could be the source of such traffic due to insecure networks or compromised machines - these are things that ACS:Law appears to not have taken in to consideration.

"We of course are constantly watching the industry at present; especially the current case regarding Ministry of Sound and are looking forward to the outcome of it."


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