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SGAE Next Target in Anonymous DDoS Attack
October 6, 2010
Thomas Mennecke
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Anonymous has picked their latest target; the Sociedad General de Autores y Editores (SGAE). At 6PM EST tonight, a new round of DDoS attacks will be launched against - the main royalty collecting agency and pro-copyright organization in Spain. SGAE is one of many such organizations, such as the MPAA, RIAA, DGLegal, ACS:Law, Gallant Macmillan, and Ministry of Sound, to have their website targeted by Anonymous.

At first glance, the SGAE seems like an unlikely target. They haven't sued thousands of individuals, nor are they involved in ugly litigation like ACS:Law. However, the file-sharing conflict in Spain has flown largely under the radar compared to the high energy confrontations that exist in the United Kingdom and United States. Yet this doesn't mean things have been quiet - actually quite the contrary. Last year, Spanish courts ruled that non-commercial P2P sites were legal - despite intense opposition from the SGAE. And don't forget, Pablo Soto and his Manolito P2P network originated from Spain back in the day.

The SGAE is also involved in several other issues that have Spanish netizens fed up. The impending Suitable Economy Act is a hot button issue that threatens to sidestep the legality of P2P sites by permitting the government to remove sites deemed "infringing" without a court order.

Additionally, Spanish netizens aren't fond of SGAE's current legal threat against an organization called EXGAE - who recently proposed an alternative royalty system in Spain. The legal threat references the similarity of the two names, but netizens feel this is thinly veiled shield to silence EXGAE.

Although the attack isn't scheduled for later today, the site's responsiveness already seems spotty. Watch this space for more developments.

Update: The attack has been expanded to include, or the Spanish Ministry of Culture, who supports the Suitable Economy Act.

Update: Another target has been added - You'll remember that it was that tried to sue Pablo Soto of the Manolito P2P network.


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