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Gallant Macmillan Website Next Target of DDoS Attack
October 2, 2010
Thomas Mennecke
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Anonymous has zeroed in on their next target - the website of Gallant Macmillan. The DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack is scheduled for October 3 @ 3PM EST. Gallant Macmillan is one of two lawyers in the United Kingdom, the other being Andrew Crossley of ACS:Law, that actively carry out file-sharing litigation work. Although not much has been heard from ACS:Law, Gallant Macmillian is scheduled for a court appearance on Monday, October 4, hoping a court order will allow him to discover hundreds of alleged file-sharers. A ruling may go in his favor, but this latest effort withstand the energy of the Internet?

The cataclysmic breach of security at ACS:Law was one of the most visible examples of how an attack from the virtual world can make someone's real world life a living hell. Within days, the information gathered from the breach was dissected, analyzed, and reorganized in a way that humans do very well. The data breach exposed all types of information that quickly spread online.

The recent string of mayhem blasted across several media industry websites, targeting the MPAA, RIAA, BPI, AFACT, and Copyright Alliance. The law firms of ACS:Law and DGLegal were hit as well - all with the initial intent to exact revenge on the alleged DoS attack on The Pirate Bay.

"To fight back against the anti-piracy lobby. There been a massive lobbyist-provoked surge in unfair infringements of personal freedom online, lately. See the Digital Economy Bill in the UK, and “three strikes” legislation in the EU which both threaten to disconnect internet connections based on accusations supplied by the music and movie industries. In the USA, a new bill has been proposed that could allow the USA to force top level registrars such as ICANN and Nominet to shut down websites, all with NO fair trial. Guilty until proven guilty! Our tactics are inspired by the very people who provoked us, AiPlex Software. A few weeks back they admitted to attacking file sharing sites with DDoS attacks."

Now the focus is on Gallant Macmillan. According to anonymous, the similarities between his work and ACS:Law's are just cause for the impending DoS attack.

allant Macmillian Law firm has committed many crimes recently, all of them ignored; ignored by everyone except us. We, the people, will not allow this to continue. They have declared themselves our enemies by sending out thousands of blackmailing letters against innocents, seeking compensation for copyright infringements that don't exist."

"Just with ACS:Law, these letters are being sent by a company that is guilty of crimes against Intellectual Property, as well as crimes against the people. Indeed, even as they seek to "protect" copyright through barbaric punishment, their hypocritical methods force ISPs to reveal the personal information of thousands without evidence of infringement."

The topic of website security has been an accompanying topic with these attacks. Why? Because as of this writing, IRC members are reporting that the Copyright Alliance's website is still wide open (almost a week after the attack), with people still uploading both bogus and real entertainment files. According to online chatter, the initial upload batch was eventually deleted, however more material was simply uploaded back onto the server. One has to wonder if anyone actually works on these websites.

That's the big question for Macmillian's website as well.


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