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6718 New BitTorrent and eDonkey2000 Lawsuits Filed in the United States
September 30, 2010
Thomas Mennecke
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Things remain busy in the United States on the copyright legal front, as thousands of new lawsuits have been filed within the last week. The main thrust of the mass lawsuit campaign in the United States has been from the US Copyright Group, whose main backing law firm Dunlap, Grubb & Weaver is currently under DDoS attack. However several other firms have also inserted themselves into the fray.

The main goal of these lawsuits attempts to recover perceived losses due to piracy. Numerous law firms have actively sent thousands of letters out to alleged BitTorrent and eDonkey2000 pirates, demanding cash settlements. While the USCG is supporting mostly independent movie producers, a large bulk of the subsequent lawsuits have been from adult pornography producers. Passions surrounding the numerous lawsuits has individuals reacting in ferocious ways - a lesson ACS:Law in the UK learned the hard way.

Below is a list of all the John Doe lawsuits filed in the United States since September 24, just one day before the ACS:Law calamity.

Does 1-500 - This batch of lawsuits was filed yesterday by First Time Videos, an adult entertainment producer based out of Nevada. The law firm filing the complaint, Steele Law ( is seeking the identities of the John Does accused of distributing their clients work via BitTorrent. From the complaint:

"FTV is a prominent producer of adult content within a variety of adult entertainment niches. FTV's flagship site,, features over 2,500 videos and over 100,000 high resolution photographs. Well known for high production values and regular site updates, FTV invests substantial capital in producing its content, in in particular its FTV Girls series of content."

Does 1-300 - Filed by CP Productions yesterday and represented by Steele Law. From the complaint:

"CP is a leading producer of adult entertainment content within the amateur Latina niche. CP's primary site, Chica's Place, has been operating for five years and features regular updates and high resolution content. Chica's Place content is a heavy target of piracy. The content at subject in this action, Chica's Place - Cowgirl Creampie, is a single member's section update and was illegally downloaded by the Defendants in this case within a week of publication. CP invests substantial capital in maintaining and producing content for Chica's Place."

Does 1-300 - Filed by Future Blue, Inc. yesterday, represented by Steele Law. From the complaint:

"Future Blue is a prominent producer of adult entertainment content in a wide range of niches. The company's MyXXXPass network of websites, which is the subject of this action, includes such brands as: Throated; Stuffed Petite; Only Teen Blowjobs; Meat My Ass; Love Your Tits; Big Black Thing; and 1000 Facials. Future Blue's various web properties, which total over 20 sites, have received multiple AVN and XBiz nominations and awards and feature many of today's most recognizable stars. Future Blue invests substantial amounts of capital to maintain and produce its content and is a regular target of systemic piracy."

Does 1-50 - This batch of John Doe complaints was filed by the IO Group, Inc. dba Titan Media, producers of various gay adult titles, on September 28. Unlike most other complaints, the target of their investigation revolves around the use of the eDonkey2000 network. The law firm involved in this case is The Law Office of D. Gill Sperlein (

Does 1-65 - Also filed by the IO Group - however the complaint document was not available at the time of this writing.

Does 1-34 - This distinct complaint was also filed by the IO group and represented by The Law Office of D. Gill Sperlein.

This is where things got interesting as we dug a bit deeper. For some inexplicable reason, we were not granted access to the case documents for the following complaints, but we know they exist:

Does 1-535 - This complaint was filed on the 24th of this month by West Coast Productions, Inc.

Does 1-1243 - Filed on the 24th of September by Third World Media, LLC.

Does 1-245 - Filed on the 24th by Combat Zone, Inc.

Does 1-2010 - Complaint filed on the 24th by West Coast Productions, Inc.

Does 1-281 - Complaint filed by Patrick Collins, Inc.

Does 1-1037 - Complaint filed by Combat Zone, Inc.

Does 1-118 - Complaint filed by Collins, Inc. (possibly Patrick Collins, Inc.)


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