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KickassTorrents Returns - Moves to the Netherlands
August 12, 2010
Thomas Mennecke
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So where do you go when your BitTorrent website is shut down? In a story published by TorrentFreak earlier today, KickassTorrents, a popular BitTorrent indexer/search engine, was shut down after some apparent wrangling with Ukrainian authorities.

" main web server was shut down by the hosting provider after it was contacted by local authorities. We don't have much details right now but it seems that there was no direct threat or order to shut down the site just the "concerns" about the site activities. We must say goodbye to Ukraine and move the servers to other countries. The site will be back online in 1-2 days, stay tuned."

The bark appears to have been worse than the bite, however. Although the site was unavailable earlier in the day, it is now back online - at least on the Internet connection we're using. Another point, the IP address ( is now pointing to the Netherlands.

Although KickassTorrents predicted it would be down for 1-2 days, we're wondering if there was a backup at the ready. Additionally, the site is responding very quickly and with few noticeable hangups. In either case, the wisdom of setting up shop in the Netherlands is questionable. The local copyright authority, BREIN, has been ultra-aggressive in shutting down BitTorrent websites it believes violates intellectual property. Although it has mostly pursued little fish, we don't doubt it would love a mountable trophy such as KickassTorrents over the fireplace.


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