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MPAA Renews Anti-Piracy Campaign
July 22, 2003
Thomas Mennecke
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Don't download movies...Don't download music.... You’re hurting multi-million dollar artists...They won't be able to buy that BMW Z-3...and so on and so on...The public reaction so far to the rhetoric continues to be met with indifference.

To many, this repetitive message has become a bit stale by now. We know the RIAA and MPAA don't want us downloading music/movies, or giving iTunes half a chance. And God-forbid a legitimate medium was developed that actually benefited artists and consumers alike.

That being said, a renewed campaign is underway by the MPAA. While much of their clamoring has been confined to cyberspace, a new series of TV and movie trailers should be viewable soon. This mass media blitz is accompanied by their new offshoot website, We found a particularly interesting section that gives us four reasons why one shouldn't download movies "illegally"...


Reason #1: You're cheating yourself, due to quality etc, etc...

(The movie industry is unique compared to the music world. Even the best online quality movies can't compare to the theatrical experience. Last movie season was the best on record. If anything, the free trade of movies is probably promoting the industry.)

Reason #2: You're threatening the livelihood of others.

(The day Tom Cruise starves to death is the day Hell freezes over.)

Reason #3: You're computer is vulnerable.

(Only if you share your root directory and download VBS and EXE files. This is no one else’s fault but the user.)

Reason #4: You're breaking the law.

(Well, technically at the time, the American Revolution was considered illegal...)

Things are definitely heating up in the movie and music industry. While they are entitled to defend their copyrights, the method in which they execute their privilege is only hampering their cause.

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