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Pirate Bay Appeal - Not So Fast
October 19, 2009
Thomas Mennecke
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There's some good news for the ex-administrators/owners of The Pirate Bay. Most will remember the ground shattering verdict that could potentially send the four men to prison for a year - not to mention the ~$4 million dollar fine. The future of The Pirate Bay - once a seemingly invincible BitTorrent propelled P2P network - was thrown into serious doubt.

Since that time, the partiality of the judge presiding over the case have been called into question. Were his affiliations with the entertainment industry steering his judgment? If a different judge oversaw the case, would there be a different outcome? Although these questions may never be fully answered to the satisfaction of those concerned, the appeals process seems to be going well enough to buy time for the defense.

Instead of a rushed appeal, The Local is reporting that The Pirate Bay retrial may not begin until the summer of 2010. Even when things do get restarted, any resolution may take years. The big question of course will be – will The Pirate Bay, in its current iteration – continue to exist?

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