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Palm Pre, Coming to Stores on June 6
May 19, 2009
Thomas Mennecke
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It's been touted as the iPhone killer, and could be Palm's last chance at rejuvenation. Palm, as a company, has struggled in recent years to stay relevant in the wake of the smart phone explosion. There's little doubt that Palm has made some great products over the years, such as the Palm Pilot, Palm Treo, Palm TX and so on, but at the end of the day, their products simply couldn't compete with the standard of smart phone technology, the iPhone.

But the Palm Pre holds tremendous promise. During CES 2009, it was all the buzz and won high acclaim from those who managed to get a sneak peak at the product. Could the Palm Pre make inroads against the iPhone?

The timing is excellent and in Palm’s favor. According to a Palm blog post this morning, the Palm Pre is scheduled to be released on June 6th. It will be available at Sprint stores, RadioShack, and select WalMart stores. The timing is critical because it will be released just prior to Apple's very important operating system upgrade to version 3.0. Why is it critical?

Because the Palm Pre can do many things that the iPhone cannot: it can copy and paste, it can send multimedia messages, it has a slide out keyboard, a better camera, removable battery and multitasking support. Now, it's true that a jail broken iPhone can resolve most of these issues, save for the hardware limitations such as the camera. The size of the jail breaking community is sizable, so any perceived software enhancements that the Pre has over the iPhone might be mitigated.

The timing is also critical because Apple is also expected to release a new iPhone with significant hardware upgrades in June as well. It probably won’t resolve some hardware issues such as the Fort Knock battery, but it probably will have a better camera and more robust processor/memory, and hence better applications. Apple already plans to resolve the stubborn copy and paste issue, and hopefully AT&T will support multimedia messaging.

With imported help from Apple, the Palm Pre looks like it has what it takes to be a winner, especially since it will have a head start on Apple's 3.0 release. Its price is on par with the iPhone and so are its capabilities. Palm has finally parted with its legacy operating system, so all the pieces seem to be in place for a Palm revival. Now let's see if it actually happens.

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