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Pirate Bay Continues Business as Usual
May 13, 2009
Thomas Mennecke
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Just because there's a multimillion dollar fine and a year of potential jail in the potential future of the Pirate Bay's administration, doesn't mean that the world's largest tracker doesn't need some TLC. With at least 22 million peers online at any moment, The Pirate Bay (TPB) continues to rule the file-sharing landscape despite the entertainment industry's legal victory in April.

It's not difficult to see the important role TPB plays in the file-sharing ecosystem. Not only does it serve as the largest P2P platform, but provides the cultural and community center that for many years was lacking in the P2P landscape. For better or worse, like SuprNova before it, TPB is the identity of the file-sharing community.

Without additional enforcement against TPB's network infrastructure since May 31 of 20006, it's likely that the entertainment industry is finding it difficult to pry this community offline. Blocking at the ISP level seems to be the only recourse, yet even at best, the results of this tactic appears marginal. And winning a multimillion dollar lawsuit doesn't seem like much of a deterrent either.

Further demonstrating the impotence of the entertainment industry to effectively manage TPB, an important upgrade was made to the site's search/indexing database yesterday night.

"We are upgrading the search, memcache and mysql servers at around 18:00 CET, this will result in about 3 hours downtime, we expect everything to be back up and running at 21:00 CET."

Apparently the upgrade ran into a few problems, however, TiAMO, one of the co-defendants in the case, explained that it appears everything has been resolved.

"Yeah, as most of you have seen the upgrade yesterday did not go all that perfect. A switch broke down giving transmission errors, and that resulted in tcp sessions stalling, and that in turn resulted in alot of hanged php processes, making the site extremely slow. Well that was the technical explanation...Short explanation, the site is not slow anymore (I hope) =)"

Business seems to be running as usual at TPB. Despite the legal judgment and fierce words spoken against them, TPB isn't leaving the internet landscape any time soon.

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