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Vuze Contemplates Top Secret Project
February 27, 2009
Thomas Mennecke
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Vuze (the BitTorrent artist formerly known as Azureus) has something up their sleeve. According to their latest blog post, Vuze is thinking of a top secret device that could bring downloaded TV shows to your TV or mobile device. What exactly does Vuze have in mind?

"Let’s say the Vuze team just happened to be thinking about a top secret project to help you watch downloaded videos on your TV and your mobile devices. Which device integrations would you want us to elegantly support within Vuze? We’re strong believers in an open world, and would like to support multiple devices (hypothetically, of course). Which devices would you like us to prioritize?"

We've tried emailing Vuze but haven't received a response on this late Friday evening. However, the prospect of watching downloaded videos on a mobile device is something likely to find appeal within the file-sharing community. The post offers to consider a variety of devices to bring this feature to, with the iPhone and iPod receiving top billing.

This doesn’t quite appear to be a BitTorrent client for the iPhone or the other devices mentioned, but the idea of providing alternative means to watch content other than iTunes could be a game changer for the mobile market - especially if it's open beyond the Vuze HD network.

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