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Three Strikes on Hold in New Zealand
February 24, 2009
Thomas Mennecke
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Those living in New Zealand can breathe a bit easier today, as the controversial "three strikes" P2P policy is currently on hold. The measure is designed to intimidate alleged P2P pirates with the threat that their internet connections will be permanently disconnected after three warnings.

The three strikes policy is the latest copyright enforcement gamble by the entertainment industry. Globally, the effort has received lukewarm response from some countries, while others have rejected it. France seems to be inching closer to implementing such a policy, while Germany doesn't appear very interested. There has been talk of a three strikes policy in the United States, but few are taking the threat seriously.

For a while it seemed that New Zealand would be the first country to adopt the policy. As anticipation of the policy began to mount, public opposition pushed the New Zealand government into a corner. And no one pushes Baby in a corner.

In response to the growing public pressure, the New Zealand Herald reports that Prime Minister John Key announced the measure will be delayed until March 27. As part of the delay, both sides of the debate will have an opportunity to reach a compromise. If no compromise is reached, the amendment might be shelved.

"Obviously our preference is for the parties to reach a compromise agreement with each other and hopefully the law will work properly...If it doesn't we will change it," the Prime Minister said.

The Creative Freedom Foundation, which helped organize public opposition to the copyright act amendment, was clearly relieved by the news.

"Section 92A has been Delayed!.. In a press conference today John Key announced that Section 92A would be delayed until March 27th. There is a lot of work ahead but I hope everyone involved takes some time out to celebrate this victory. This shows how modern online movements and efforts can result in real world change. We couldn't have done it without you -- we've been amazed and humbled by your support."

Indeed, the internet has helped the democratic process by providing an avenue for people to organize and bring about change. By using the words "compromise", it's clear that the three strikes rule, if it ever passes, will be watered down from its current form.

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