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BREIN Removes Last Franchise Torrent Sites
February 6, 2009
Thomas Mennecke
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Last month, BREIN, launched a wide scale enforcement action against 75 BitTorrent websites. It was a quick victory of sorts, at least from a financial perspective. These sites were part of a franchise hierarchy, led by a single individual named "Topspinner". Most of the sites involved followed a similar template and charged an initial fee. This fee then allowed users a period of unlimited downloading.

Sites that charge for downloading don't generate tremendous sympathy when they're finally shut down, and this situation wasn't too different. Out of the 75 that were reported to be knocked off line, a few managed to slip by the cracks, including "Topspinner". BREIN is reporting today that the last remnants of the old franchise have been swept away.

"The owner of the sites which almost all were registered under the alias Topspinner stayed in hiding after the Dutch take down and moved a number of his sites to a German hosting provider. After summons to the German provider, the sites ran to France and Belgium, and finally, after further summons, to Denmark. In meantime BREIN identified the 45 year old man from the Dutch town of Oudenbosch and summoned him yesterday."

The summons contained a cease and desist order, as well as a demand for financial restitution. Today, the sites have removed their content and have the stark message: “We are required to stop because of the BREIN foundation. We want to thank everyone for their support and cooperation through the times. All information on the server has been destroyed and cannot be used anymore.”

The remaining sites which shut down are: Alleen-films, Alleenmuz, Allpowers, Almijnfilms, Bigbits, Brabotors, Delerz, Desoftwaregigant, Digi-tors, Luciferadream, Luckytor, Meerdelers, Mijnpoezen, Pandaberen, Seederstors, Streamtor, Thc-torrents, Torrentsland and Twee-buiken - all with the ".org" domain.

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