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Good News, Mediocre News for The Pirate Bay
January 20, 2009
Thomas Mennecke
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The Danish ISP TDC, which is the largest in Denmark, has blocked The Pirate Bay from its customers. This move follows the Danish ISP Tele2, who was taken to court by the IFPI and was subsequently forced to block The Pirate Bay. TDC made the move to block TPB based on this prior decision, and likely won't remove the block until Tele2's appeal.

Like Tele2's block, TDC's prohibition is superficial as it's only a DNS (Directory Name Service) block. In other words, when the customer enters "" into their browser, he or she won't be directed to the site. However, if the customer uses TPB's IP address, there won't be any issue. DNS blocks are extremely weak avenues to prevent access to websites, and are easily circumvented with methods such as OpenDNS.

According to TPB's spokesperson brokep, there hasn't been any noticeable drop in traffic. This follows the same traffic patterns that occurred after Tele2's blockage, and likely will continue with TDC.

Although this isn't terrible news for TPB, it's nonetheless another annoyance for TDC's customers. But there is a silver lining. TPB is now supporting IPv6. Say what?

For those who know nothing about IPv6, the move at first glance probably doesn't mean much. Currently, most of the net chugs along just fine with IPv4. But with addresses running out, the need to upgrade became apparent many years ago. If things were to remain idle, the available address pool would dry up within a few short years. Another important feature of IPv6 is the reduced overhead - which means greater efficiency and perhaps even faster data transmissions.

joo mean I get faster downloads now Slyck? I love IPv6!!!111

From TPB's blog:

"We're adding native support for IPv6 to our system. First up, the trackers have got some newly added v6 support. Our name servers are also responding on v6 and the website will soon be available on v6 as well. All users are encouraged to learn more about IPv6 and to try to use it instead of IPv4. It's especially good for torrent traffic as there will be no issues with port forwarding or NAT!Also, we would love for the developers of the great torrent clients out there to have a dialog about IPv6 with the team that develops our tracker. It would be really good to cooperate around this!"

Currently, Āµtorrent and Vuze (the BitTorrent client formerly known as Azureus) supports IPv6, so users of these clients may be able to notice the benefits.

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