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isoHunt Celebrates 6 years online
January 5, 2009
Thomas Mennecke
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isoHunt, one of the largest BitTorrent indexers operated by the fearless Gary Fung, is celebrating its 6th year online. Admittedly, the founder of the site can't quite recall what day in January isoHunt went online - but today is as good as any day to celebrate.

"Oh and hope you had a happy new year! And happy birthday to us, isoHunt is now 6 years old (I don't remember which day I launched the site, but it was January 2003)"

A lot has happened since 2003. As we march through 2009 - 10 years since Napster was launched - the P2P community appears to have settled on BitTorrent as the protocol of choice. Various trackers within this community, such as The Pirate Bay, have amassed impressive populations of well over 15 million unique users. isoHunt, while not a tracker, has also managed to generate a facinating history in those 6 years.

isoHunt actually started its life as an IRC search engine. Yet back in those days, BitTorrent wasn't nearly as massive as it is today. But Gary saw the potential in BitTorrent, and added BitTorrent capability to his search engine.

Becoming a BitTorrent search engine isn't without its risks, especially for anyone not named "BitTorrent Inc." In February of 2006, isoHunt and TorrentSpy were the recipients of a copyright infringement complaint from the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America. TorrentSpy eventually shut down and was forced to accept a $100 million settlement; however, because isoHunt is situated in Canada, it has been able to hold off the powers that be for significantly longer.

Since then, isoHunt received an endorsement of sorts from AMD, who provided the indexer with 2 Quad Core Opteron 2352 CPUs in February of 2008. The next month, isoHunt indexed its millionth torrent, followed by the announcement that it has indexed over 9 petabytes of information.

With the MPAA looming, it’s difficult to say for certain whether isoHunt can hold on for another 6 years. But in that time, it has helped reshape the P2P community to become a must visit resource when venturing into the BitTorrent foray.

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