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ShareReactor Returns - Thanks to The Pirate Bay
December 18, 2008
Thomas Mennecke
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For fans of eDonkey2000, the last few years have been a bit rocky. Indexing sites have been tough to come by, servers have been spotty, but thankfully, there's always Kademlia to back things up. One of the biggest losses to the eDonkey2000 community was ShareReactor, which during the early years of file-sharing, was considered a premium resource of information on eDonkey2000.

For a time, eDonkey2000 and BitTorrent were both competing for the file-sharing crown. But BitTorrent eventually beat out this long time rival, as today BitTorrent's population has swelled to numbers unprecedented in the P2P community - perhaps as many as 20 million simultaneous users. There's a good reason for that: The Pirate Bay.

The Pirate Bay has enabled a stable growing environment for BitTorrent. Seemingly untouchable by the entertainment industry, TPB has grown unfettered since its temporary collapse in May of 2006. Unlike eDonkey2000, which saw MetaMachine fall, ShareReactor decimated, and the centralized server network become unstable, TPB has attracted millions of users into its network. With virtually no threat of a collapse imminent, TPB has become synonymous with file-sharing.

But how about this. What if you woke up one morning, completely forgot about the file-sharing world for a few days, and someone told you that ShareReactor was back online. Would you believe such a fable was true? Indeed, it is. ShareReactor is back, and it's impressive database of information is too.

"For those of you that are not high (yet), this means ShareReactor is back, hosted by the good folks of The Pirate Bay," a news post on reads. "If you liked ShareReactor, have a party and spread the word (and send us pictures of it and any leftover cake... mmm cake...). If you had no clue about ShareReactor, this is your chance to get to know it."

As ShareReactor is now hosted by TPB, the site marries the two very different file-sharing worlds together. Torrents as well as ED2K links are both available on the site. This is in stark contrast to ShareReactor's policy in 2003, when then owner Simon Moon expressed that no such marriage would ever take place.

"Well, you dont know my opinion about BT really. Our policy is no BT on our page or forum."

Indeed, the new ShareReactor seems more Torrent oriented than eDonkey2000 related. Most of the "Releases" offered are torrent files - however, like the ShareReactor of old, the best stuff remains in the forums.

But Slyck, you said that most eDonkey2000 servers are malicious bots controlled by the evil-doers, what gives!?1111"

Fortunate for the eDonkey200 faithful, centralized servers are no longer the crux of the network they once were. Since eMule has integrated Kademilia support many years back, you don't even have to worry about connecting to a centralized server. As a quick perusing of the ShareReactor forums proves, many of the older and rare files that once existed translate flawlessly into the the modern eMule client.

With eDonkey2000's fate once in limbo, the return of ShareReactor will give a slab of stability to this still impressive network.

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