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BREIN Takes out 'Largest Illegal Top Site Ever'
December 16, 2008
Thomas Mennecke
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It seems that BREIN, the Dutch anti-piracy organization, is on a roll as it has announced the take down of Sparta. In November of this year, BREIN announced the shut down of a large Top Site named TV Land. BREIN accused TV Land of providing 45 terabytes of copyrighted material, and working in conjunction with the BitTorrent site - an unusual act of cooperation between the scene and BitTorrent.

While at that time 45 terabytes was considered significant and perhaps the largest take down, BREIN is now claiming that today's victory is even more significant. According to BREIN, Sparta contained over 65 terabytes of illegal material - earning the destination of the "Largest illegal top site ever taken offline".

"Today Dutch piracy watchdog BREIN took down the ftp servers of the illegal top site SPARTA. The site hosted 65 terabyte of illegal films, tv series, music, games, business software, audio books, etcetera. It was the largest illegal top sites ever taken offline. 1 terabyte is 1000 gigabyte, that is 250 films or games or 25,000 songs. This site contained 65 times those quantities. Earlier this month BREIN took down a top site of 45 terabyte."

Only last week, BREIN eliminated over 75 BitTorrent indexing sites. Although their departure wasn't felt too deeply in the BitTorrent community, Sparta's closure, and its 65 terabytes of warez, might be.

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