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BREIN Claims Success Against 'TV Land' Top Site
November 26, 2008
Thomas Mennecke
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Reporting on the 'scene' is never easy - unlike P2P, there are no media relations and scene release aren't published like press statements. So in this circumstance, we have to take BREIN's latest press release and continue digging. But what BREIN does have to say is rather remarkable. According to their latest release, BREIN has successfully aided in the take down of TV Land, which the anti-piracy firm claims is the largest scene bust ever.

"Largest illegal top site ever taken offline - Today Dutch piracy watchdog BREIN took down the ftp servers of the illegal top site TVL. The site with 45 terabyte illegal content also was known as TV Land and hosted films, tv series, music, games, business software, audio books, etcetera. It was one the largest illegal top sites ever. 1 terabyte is 1000 gigabyte, that is 250 films or games or 25,000 songs. This site contained 45 times those quantities."

"The illegal content of TV Land was used amongst others for the illegal bittorrent site"

BREIN just issued the release about an hour ago. According to BREIN, the servers have been raided and confiscated, and will be scoured in an effort to reveal the identities of the top site's administration. Slyck will report more if additional information becomes available.

According to the press release, SceneTorrents was supplied by TV Land. A recent scene notice attacked the collaboration between the two sites, which may have been instrumental in bringing both operations down.

"smokin1 (admin of TV Land), I recommend you to close your insecure p2l/p2p site within 24 hours, or I will provide all dutch anti-piracy organizations all information about the site, including complete releases list and sufficient proof to get the site busted, you have been warned!"

Edit: Tim Kuik, BREIN's managing direction, told in an email that TV Land was penetrated before the release of the above mentioned 'scene notice'.

"We were already inside when that notice appeared," Kuik told Slyck. "...There are also investigations including criminal into other top sites ongoing..."

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