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FireFox Edges out Explorer on Slyck
November 25, 2008
Thomas Mennecke
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Google Analytics provides some fascinating insight into the volume and type of traffic that comes to It also shows the general makeup of the P2P community, and the types of resources the community has at their disposal. The most interesting, however, is to note the rising popularity of FireFox and how that reflects on Slyck. Indeed, FireFox just nudges Explorer as the browser of choice.

Here are our browser stats, which have remained relatively stable for the last few months. Chrome has made significant inroads since its launch, as the Google browser was launched in September. Note the lesser known methods towards the bottom:

1. Firefox 45.67%
2. Internet Explorer 44.82%
3. Opera 3.52%
4. Safari 2.46%
5. Chrome 2.12%
6. Mozilla 1.00%
7. SeaMonkey 0.21%
8. Konqueror 0.05%
9. Netscape 0.04%

When it comes to operating systems, it's clear that Microsoft remains firmly dominant in its position. No significant changes have been noted in the last several months, but note the arrival of the iPhone and iPod:

1. Windows 92.32%
2. Macintosh 4.16%
3. Linux 2.95%
4. (not set) 0.28%
5. iPhone 0.17%
6. iPod 0.07%
7. SymbianOS 0.03%
8. Playstation 0.01%
9. Danger Hiptop 0.01%
10. FreeBSD 0.01%

Screen resolution was a bit more evenly spread, with 1024 and 1280 vertical lines being the most common. Below are the top 5, but note that 1920 vertical lines (high definition) doesn't make the list. It actually comes in at number 7, with 4.17% of users employing this resolution:

1. 1024x768 29.61%
2. 1280x1024 17.74%
3. 1280x800 13.52%
4. 1680x1050 10.23%
5. 1440x900 8.43%

Finally, we leave the best for last. DSL just barely nudges out Cable with each type hovering at ~33%. As for dial up users, they're still out there. Just think 8 years ago when file-sharing meant something, these numbers were the exact opposite. Enjoy:

1. DSL 33.42%
2. Cable 33.11%
3. Unknown 26.30%
4. T1 4.68%
5. Dialup 1.80%

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