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isoHunt Indexes over 1 Petabyte of Information
October 19, 2008
Thomas Mennecke
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isoHunt, the embattled BitTorrent indexer residing in Canada, passed a significant milestone recently - albeit on that went largely over looked. As it currently stands, isoHunt indexes over 1.1 petabytes of information. If you're trying to wrap your head around the volume of information necessary to fill 1 petabyte, that's 1000 terabytes, or a dump load of DVDs.

The average HD movie available online is about 15-25 gigabytes in size. A 1 terabyte drive can fit approximately 50 HD movies. Now multiply that number by 1,000 to conceptualize the volume of a petabyte. Personal petabyte hard drives are something out of science fiction for the time being, however, in the virtual world the combined power of BitTorrent makes this concept a reality.

isoHunt's search engine indexes the resources of over 400 other BitTorrent sites, making this site an important stop in the search for information. And if you’re wondering how many torrents it takes to screw in a petabyte, it’s about 1.4 million.

“This kind of went unnoticed, but files contained in torrents indexed globally on isoHunt has [passed] the 1 petabyte mark [and] is currently at about 1.1 PB. I think that says something about how BitTorrent has become a stable of content distribution, and…congratulations to all the seeders. Share on!”

Inevitably, with all that information comes trash as well. It's no secret that BitTorrent sites are in a continuous struggle against junk or scam torrents. The problem is persistent enough to require a periodic purge of contaminated files, yet considering the overwhelming volume of information, scam and junk torrents are a minimal part of the isoHunt experience.

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