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RealDVD Temporarily Closed
October 6, 2008
Thomas Mennecke
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The world has been waiting with great anticipation to finally start burning its massive DVD collection onto hard drives across the planet. RealNetwork's launch of RealDVD attempted to give consumers the power to legally transport their DVD collection onto hard drive without worrying about defeating CSS (Content Scrambling System), the DRM that prevents illegal copying.

Unfortunately, that power was only available for about 4 days. Launched on September 30th, RealNetworks also launched a preemptive strike at the movie industry, hoping to score a successful court order in their favor. You might be thinking, "Hey Slyck, DVDs are so 2002, who cares anymore?"

The movie industry still does. DVDs are still selling very well, and easily outsells Blu-Ray DVDs. Although in comparison to the plethora of DVD copying software available, the attempt at a legal method doesn't sit well with the movie industry. On the day of launch, the MPAA announced its member companies had sued RealNetworks. The movie industry's argument stuck with the judge presiding over the case, and ordered RealNetworks to halt distribution of the software until the paperwork on the case is reviewed. In response, RealNetworks had no choice but to pull their software.

"RealDVD is currently unavailable - Due to recent legal action taken by the Hollywood movie studios against us, RealDVD is temporarily unavailable. Rest assured, we will continue to work diligently to provide you with software that allows you to make a legal copy of your DVDs for your own use."

According to NewTeeVee, this is only a temporary suspension - at least RealNetworks hopes so. The judge gave until Tuesday to review the case, and from there will either remove the ban or continue it. The entertainment industry might be wishing the judge continues the ban, otherwise, before we know it the internet pipes may be clogged with P2P traffic stuffed with DVD movies.

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