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MiniNova Hooks up with Silence is Sexy
September 16, 2008
Thomas Mennecke
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There's a lot of flack and smack talked about BitTorrent, especially when index operators make an effort to help budding artists distribute their work. Just about any BitTorrent indexing/tracking site, whether The Pirate Bay, isoHunt, and of course MiniNova, enable everyone to jump start their entertainment careers through the power of online distribution.

MiniNova is perhaps the most proactive in this field, and has gone to extensive lengths to help artists promote their work. Through MiniNova's Content Distribution system, the artist simply uploads their work to MiniNova, where it's seeded and distributed to the masses. Additionally, such work is promoted through the highly visible "Featured Torrents" section. This service is available at no charge and anyone can take part - from the seasoned professional to the novice with two turntables and a microphone.

And those who think BitTorrent isn't being used by professionals should think again. From RadioHead to NIN, the value and efficiency is recognized as a legitimate distribution medium. The latest to join this fray is the Dutch rock band Silence is Sexy. Silence is Sexy isn't a start up or a garage band; rather, they are an established, professional crew that's been on tour since 2004 and have played over 138 shows.

"More and more artists are discovering the benefits of our free Content Distribution (CD) service," writes Neik in MiniNova's blog. "Silence is Sexy is the first Dutch rock band to release their complete new album this way. ‘This Ain’t Hollywood’ is a must-download if you are into bands like Radiohead, Editors, Coldplay and Interpol."

Today's release is just the latest to join the over 750 other artists that have taken advantage of MiniNova's content distribution. It's no joke, and considering the volume of traffic that MiniNova's featured torrents receive, it's a smart choice for anyone starting their entertainment career.

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