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BitTorrent Seems Just Fine
September 2, 2008
Thomas Mennecke
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If you've been keeping up on the latest on BitTorrent, Inc., it would be easy to surmise that BitTorrent the company is going through some tough times. Last month, the interwebs went hysterical when news broke that BitTorrent, Inc. let 20% of their employees go. The world was coming to an end, and BitTorrent was leading the charge. A month later, all is quiet again, and BitTorrent, Inc. is still here.

Amazingly enough, when BitTorrent actually expands their company, no one reports on it. It's only the hope of impending doom that seems to pique people's interests. Take for example the August 26th announcement, when BitTorrent brought Mitchell Edwards as BitTorrent’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and General Counsel (GC). According to the release, Edwards' responsibilities include managing "BitTorrent’s finances, operations, corporate strategy, and providing legal counsel on all business and financial matters concerning the company." Outside of that lonely press release, there wasn't much other news coverage on the issue.

Today, BitTorrent announced a further development of their management, with the promotion of Simon Morris to vice president of product management. Morris' responsibilities will include managing the "direction of BitTorrent’s software clients, products and services." Again, little attention was given to this move.

If BitTorrent, Inc. did hit a rough patch, it seems to have survived just fine and is working on what it does best.

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