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MiniNova Sizes up against Web Search Engines
September 1, 2008
Thomas Mennecke
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MiniNova, one of the largest BitTorrent trackers/indexers, announced yesterday a slew of updates to their site. The statistics page received a lot of attention as well, and reveals more details about the widespread use of this large community.

Back in November of 2007, MiniNova was averaging just over 4 million searches a day – give or take a few hundred thousand. In less than a year’s time, that number has almost doubled to 7-8 million searches a day. The new statistics page only reveals a few more details than the previous version, but the concept of statistics has inspired us to place MiniNova’s popularity into perspective with mainstream search engines like Google, Yahoo, Craigslist, and Facebook.

Since BitTorrent is a niche community, some may be surprised to see how well MiniNova’s 210 million searches a month (7 million per day x 30 days) stacks up to the competition. The stratospheric search engine easily blows away just about everyone with over 9.9 billion queries in July, according to comScore. In distant second comes Yahoo!, with only 2.5 billion searches. In third is Microsoft, with 1.1 billion. The good news may be that 1-2 billion searches represent many people, unfortunately for Yahoo! and Microsoft, their presence in the market is shrinking.

MiniNova isn’t really in competition with these larger engines, but it does compare very well against others. Amazon and Facebook both have fewer searches per month, with less than 175 million queries each. MiniNova is about as popular as eBay’s and Craiglist’s search engines, as these sites generated 340 million and 435 million searches. The Ask Network and AOL aren’t out of reach, as these sites totaled 535 million and 814 million searches. Unlike Yahoo! and Microsoft, however, these two engines are actually gaining in popularity.

If MiniNova continues to grow at its current rate, we should see this BitTorrent search engine begin to mimic eBay's and Craigslist's volume by sometime early next year.

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