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Pirate Bay Refutes Mygazine Affiliation
August 18, 2008
Thomas Mennecke
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Two weeks ago, BitTorrent, Inc. spent a good amount of time refuting ValleyWag's claim that the company had laid off its sales department due to a failed bid to sell the BEN (BitTorrent Entertainment Network) to BestBuy. BitTorrent, Inc. indeed released many employees, but it was part of an overall resizing strategy and not focused on one department. The rumor refuting business is going well in BitTorrent land, as this time, The Pirate Bay denies any affiliation with has made a impressive splash since coming online. Hosted by PRQ in Sweden, is an uploading site where people can transfer magazine content. The goal of the site is to create an elaborate inventory of all different types of magazines - Time, People, etc. But it's not a BitTorrent site, rather it's merely a web based, traditional server-client resource with aspirations of becoming an information repository, fueled by magazine content.

While the thought of an all encompassing, online library of magazines is considered welcome in many eyes, there are the inevitable questions of copyright enforcement and intellectual property rights. Yet despite that, two things that appear to have garnered even more attention: is hosted by PRQ, and PRQ is the datacenter that is owned by two members of The Pirate Bay.

So that must mean that every web host owns the domains on their servers, right? Apparently, that seems to be the case. A simple Google query for "Mygazines+The Pirate Bay" immediately sheds some light on the situation - internet rumors have linked The Pirate Bay and Mygazines as a single entity. But of course, being a web host doesn't entitle ownership over the hosted websites, and now The Pirate Bay finds itself refuting these rumors.

"We would just like to point out one thing. Even though we do like disinformation spreading when it's funny, everything that is hosted at PRQ is not operated by the team behind The Pirate Bay. I think that should clear up the lies in the press lately about another site that we have not set up."

The Pirate Bay makes the point that even if it were their site, the last thing they'd do is keep it a secret. Mygazines has generated a lot of press lately – not to mention the question of copyright law compliance. And the last thing The Pirate Bay would do is keep something like that under wraps.

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