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ISPs block The Pirate Bay in Italy
August 9, 2008
Thomas Mennecke
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The Pirate Bay has encountered its fair share of challenges lately. Earlier this month, TPB experienced some downtime, thanks to the compounding effect of traffic and server upgrades. Today, a blog post by spokesman Peter Sunde reports that The Pirate Bay has been blocked by all major ISPs in Italy.

Only last week Slyck reported that the IFPI, in conjunction with the Italian police and anti-piracy outfit "FPM" forced the BitTorrent tracker offline. Called "The Pirate Bay" of Italy, Colombo-BT was accused of fostering piracy on a massive scale. The successful removal of the site, like any BitTorrent site, represents a small fraction of the overall tracker population.

The big fish is The Pirate Bay. This BitTorrent tracker may not be the largest, but it's the most hostile towards anyone that stands in its way. A quick look at their responses to copyright violation notices gives a good impression of where their philosophy comes from. So this latest incident with Italian ISPs only adds more fuel to the fire.

"We have already changed IP for the website - that makes it work for half the ISPs again. And we want you all to inform your italian friends to switch their DNS to OpenDNS so they can bypass their ISPs filters. This will also let them bypass the other filters installed by the Italian government, as a bonus. And for the meanwhile - works (La Baia means The Bay in Italian)," the news post reads on The Pirate Bay.

Like the Danish ISP block, any lasting consequences should be rather minor. However, the element of inconvenience has been inserted into the lives of BitTorrent users throughout Italy.

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