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SafeNet to Protect Chinese Broadcast of Olympic Games
August 6, 2008
Thomas Mennecke
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SafeNet was selected by the Chinese Broadcasting firm CCTV to digitally protect the live broadcast of the Olympic Games in China. As many will remember, SafeNet is the parent company of MediaSentry, an anti-piracy firm whose services include the collection of evidence against suspected P2P pirates.

The evidence gathering techniques contracted by the entertainment industry have been frowned upon by much of the online community. Organizations such as the EFF and Recording Industry vs The People have attacked the integrity of these techniques, and claim their dubious nature has led to wrongful civil actions against P2P defendants such as Tanya Anderson. Ms. Anderson, a suspected P2P pirate, ultimately prevailed against the music industry when their case against her proved weak.

SafeNet's protection of intellectual property isn't limited to the US entertainment industry, as it also finds itself protecting the digital rights of media outlets such as communist China. After a trial run in June, CCTV was pleased with SafeNet's technology and contracted the firm for the entirety of the Olympic Games.

“ has been recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as the only official internet/mobile broadcaster of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, and therefore owns exclusive rights to the broadcast of all audio and video content via online and mobile distribution channels across Mainland China and Macau,” the news release states.

On the flip side of things, the BitTorrent faithful may be wondering when The Pirate Bay will erect an Olympic theme for their tracker. Meaningful entertainment events such as the release of “The Dark Knight” or the Academy Awards often prompt The Pirate Bay to redecorate and provide easy torrent access. This Olympic year, however, won’t be addressed by The Pirate Bay. Not because SafeNet’s DRM is keeping the pirates at bay - rather, they’d prefer to send a political message to their considerable audience.

“Helping out promoting a country like China is not in anyone’s interest besides their oppressive government,” Peter Sundre, spokesperson of The Pirate Bay writes. “I’m quite surprised that the discussions about China versus human rights have been so quiet during the Olympics. In my opinion the Olympics should never be held in a country like that.”

In the end, we have two very different firms, The Pirate Bay and SafeNet, taking two very different positions on how they’ll support the Olympic Games.

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