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The Pirate Bay Updates
July 31, 2008
Thomas Mennecke
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Just because there's some downtime doesn't mean that work can't be done. Although The Pirate Bay's service was spotty earlier this week, the formally Swedish based, now internationally established tracker has introduced a new feature - tagging.

"You can now add tags to your uploads and other people can browse by tags," a news post to the site reads. "The idea is to let people easily create groups of sorts, for instance if your into different kind of art movies etc. Just tag your uploads with a tag. Up to 6 tags on each upload are ok, and tags can be 30 chars long."

Additionally, tags with more than "5 torrents automatically gets it's own dedicated RSS feed..."

The Pirate Bay is known for many things - quick releases, a defiant attitude, a perceived invulnerability, and a large following. However, it's sometimes criticized for it's funky search engine, which some feel gives obscure results. The addition of tagging and its accompanying RSS feed should help organize things and give users a new perspective in the endless search for more torrents.

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