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Final Judgment in Victorious P2P Case
July 30, 2008
Thomas Mennecke
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Tanya Anderson has proven that it's possible to emerge victorious from the music industry's lawsuit campaign. It's not often that a suspected P2P pirate has taken on the music industry and wins. Just look at Jamie Thomas, who attempted a similar feat and was struck with a $220,000 judgment - however her case is pending an appeal.

In the blog "Recording Industry v. The People", the case against Tanya Anderson has finally concluded. The actual lawsuit portion of the case actually ended earlier this year when the case against her was dropped. Since the case concluded in her favor, she was entitled to attorney fees for her nearly 3 year ordeal. Her quest for attorney fees would add almost another 5 months to her plight against Atlantic Records.

Initially, Anderson and her lawyers requested just over $300,000 to cover legal expenses. However, after some negotiating that total was reduced. In May of this year, the judge overseeing the case wrote, "Andersen should be awarded attorney fees in the amount of $103,175. Andersen's Bill of Costs in the amount of $4,659 should be APPROVED."

Both sides almost immediately objected to the court's total award, both for very different reasons. Atlantic wanted to pay less, and Anderson wanted something closer to $300,000. In June, the Judge came back and affirmed the $107,834 award.

Bringing closure to this long case, the final judgment in Anderson's favor has finally been rendered. In an order dated June 25, 2008, the judge submitted the final order of the case.

"This court previously granted, in part, and denied, in part, defendant Tanya Andersen's Motion to Fix Amount of Attorney's Fees, awarded her attorney's fees in the amount of$103,175, and approved her Bill of Cost in the amount of$4,659. Therefore, IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that judgment be entered in favor of defendant Tanya Andersen and against plaintiffs Atlantic Records Corporation..."

After nearly 3 years in court, Tanya Anderson has finally walked away with a firm victory in hand. It's come at a terrible price though, as taking 3 years from someone isn't something quantifiable with money.

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