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The Pirate Bay Downtime - No Worries
July 29, 2008
Thomas Mennecke
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Whenever a BitTorrent indexing/tracking site experiences some downtime, there's always the accompanying speculation that something terrible has happened. This is especially true for the once Swedish, now global, BitTorrent website The Pirate Bay. Over the last several weeks, the site has experience the sporadic downtime issues, however, today they anticipate further downtime as traffic to the site is continuously climbing

"We're adjusting the server park to cope with the new traffic and there will be at least one extra downtime period when we move some of the servers," a news post to The Pirate Bay reads. "We will try to be more upfront about it so that you know, and ignore some Norwegian "journalists" (hei Tore, begynn å les din epost) that make up that there's been a raid."

Coordinating the server upgrades is no small feat, as the May 2006 raids forced The Pirate Bay to decentralize its server farm. In other words, you won't find The Pirate Bay hunkered down in a Swedish data center, and forcing the site offline would require a coordinated effort much more significant than the events of 2006.

That's not to say The Pirate Bay is invincible, but compared to the fate of most other BitTorrent operations, it's the closest so far we've seen. Comparatively, most other P2P networks were swept away in 2006 when the RIAA sent about a half dozen cease and desist notices to the most prominent development firms. None but LimeWire and Ares Galaxy survived that event, however open source WinMX alternatives and eMule have filled in some of the gaps.

While the original file-sharing community can be best described as in tatters compared to its former glory, BitTorrent has helped unify the most of the remnants. As long as The Pirate Bay and the rest of the BitTorrent community can stay cohesive, it should remain that way until the next big thing comes along.

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