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MiniNova Updates
July 28, 2008
Thomas Mennecke
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MiniNova, like most BitTorrent trackers and developers, has an affinity for artist who embrace the file-sharing concept, and has worked thoroughly to augment their indexing site into a viable distribution avenue. Artists that normally relied on recording companies in the past have become self-determined by the Internet and by file-sharing, where sites like MiniNova help aspiring musicians, movie producers, or other creative talent launch their career.

Business savvy artists have a lot to gain by using distribution sites such as MiniNova or The Pirate Bay. Both sites are heavily trafficked and already have a large audience looking for an alternative to mainstream media. This, coupled with the free nature of BitTorrent, provides ample opportunity for an aspiring artist to succeed.

MiniNova's distribution platform has always been very accommodating towards the aspiring artist, however, today's updates make it even more so. With HD technology becoming more ubiquitous, media recorded in this format is becoming increasing large. Prior to today, MiniNova accommodated aspiring artists with an HTTP upload feature, which functioned as a seed distribution platform for their work. This works great for smaller files, however, HTTP has its limits for larger files - especially once media gets close to the 1 gigabyte range.

To remedy this MiniNova today introduced FTP uploading. This bypasses the problems of HTTP uploading and uses the proper protocol for transferring very large files. FTP is near limitless in its file accommodation, and can easily support 1 gig, 10 gigs, or 100 gigs.

For the file-sharing commoner, MiniNova also unveiled several enhancements. The recently introduced "My Bookmarks" are now sortable, and the user can also list the entire contents of a specific tracker (MiniNova, The Pirate Bay, etc.)

Today's introductions are a positive step forward for a BitTorrent entity anticipating a legal showdown with BREIN, the local Dutch copyright enforcement office. Yet this threat hasn't deterred MiniNova, and the BitTorrent faithful can expect big things down the road.

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