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BREIN Continues Dutch Anti-Piracy Mop up
July 13, 2008
Thomas Mennecke
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The Dutch anti-piracy outfit BREIN scored two successful operations against file-sharing communities and the remnants of Razorback. BREIN has been successful in the legal arena recently, as several court decisions have acknowledged BREIN's ability to force ISPs to shut down P2P sites suspected of supporting unauthorized distribution.

Last week, BREIN won an appeal which forced the web hosting company LeaseWeb to divulge information that will identify the owner, or owners, of the BitTorrent site Everlasting. With a legal victory firmly in place, it seems that web hosting companies in the Netherlands will be compelled to comply with BREIN's requests.

On Friday, BREIN announced another legal victory, this time over EuroAccess. EuroAccess was hosting, and like the Everlasting and LeaseWeb situation, this company was also forced to disconnect the site and to provide the owner’s identity.

"In a ruling in summary proceedings, the District Court of Den Bosch (the Netherlands) ordered hosting provider Euroaccess to shut down the illegal website “” and to surrender the personal data of site administrator and to pay all the lawyers’ fees incurred by the BREIN foundation, which is an organisation that fights piracy," a BREIN press statement reads.

"Hosting providers have to live up to their responsibilities," said Tim Kuik, BREIN’s Managing Director. "Euroaccess shelters numerous illegal sites and servers and it refused to respond to notifications from various parties, including BREIN. That had to change."

If you’ve been keeping up in the eDonkey2000 world, you’ll remember that Razorback’s network was forced offline in a dramatic raid in February 2006. The raid crippled the sub-network of eDonkey2000, which helped over 3 million individuals trade files. After the raids and when the dust settled, a few new servers with the Razorback name came online. The remaining servers which had, at least in name, called themselves “Razorback” have finally been swept away, as BREIN succeeded once again in forcing their web host to disconnect the eDonkey2000 sub-network.

It’s the same cat and mouse game played over and over for the last decade. Networks and servers come online, while the anti-piracy firms knock them down. But the file-sharing community is still in place, and the desire to trade files isn’t going anywhere.

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