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MiniNova Introduces Remote Downloading
July 8, 2008
Thomas Mennecke
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Many find that remote computing and BitTorrent are a great combination. While this aspect of file-sharing has accompanied Usenet for some time, many enjoy the fact that BitTorrent has finally caught up. In an announcement made today, MiniNova has introduced two features: personal bookmarking and remote downloading.

Bookmarking is a useful feature that newsgroup indexing sites such as have offered for quite some time. In essence, bookmarking allows the end user to troll an indexing site, pick and choose which torrents he or she wishes to download, and store them away for later downloading. This feature is particularly inviting when the end user is navigating and searching throughout an indexing site and isn't quite ready to begin the downloading process.

MiniNova has also introduced a feature which streamlines the remote downloading process. Most modern BitTorrent clients support remote downloading and enable the end user to add torrents via a web interface. Simple enough, right? Well MiniNova just made it easier. The remote downloading interface enables the end user to add create an RSS feed of torrents, conveniently aided by the bookmarking feature. MiniNova will then communicate the updated RSS feed to the remote BitTorrent client, and before long, the torrent downloads and the world is a freer place.

"Now, if you're at work and see the latest album of your favorite featured artist, just hit the 'Add to bookmarks' button," reads today's announcement. "The torrent is added to your bookmarks and personal feed, and within a few minutes your BitTorrent client at home will refresh the feed and notice the new torrent. Your client will then start downloading the torrent in the background, so when you come home you can listen to the album right away. No need for WebUI's, port forwarding, and exposing local computers in your home network."

Reaction to the announcement seems largely positive - judging by the limited response so far. However, if these features follow the success of similar implementations on other file-sharing avenues, many will find their MiniNova world a better place.

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