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P2P Represents at SourceForge Awards
July 8, 2008
Thomas Mennecke
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In Slyck's coverage of the SourceForge Community Choice Awards over the last two years, two mainstays have consistently taken home community honors. Those two applications are Vuze (P2P client formerly known as Azureus) and eMule. In 2006, Azureus took home "Best Overall" winner. eMule was also recognized by the SourceForge community, and was named "Best Overall" runner up.

In 2007, the two applications were honored once again. Azureus took top honors for "Most Collaborative Project", which is awarded to a project "most likely to accept your patches and value your input." eMule took home "Best New Project" award. This award is given to a project that shows "the newly created project with the most potential for greatness." eMule was recognized with this distinction despite its already established longevity.

SourceForge mixed up the awards categorizes this year, and Vuze and eMule are once again nominated. This year, SourceForge decided to have some fun with the awards categories, and P2P finds itself representing many of the more interesting choices.

In a prestigious category, SourceForge's community nominated Azureus as one of the finalists "Most Likely to Be the Next $1B Acquisition." This nomination comes alongside several other open source heavy hitters such as phpMyAdmin. Vuze has been on the move lately, rebranding their application from the Azureus title in 2007, and launching their new version last month. The recent iteration of Vuze features two significant features: the ability to search torrent sites and the ability to share torrents with trusted friends. The rebranding of Azureus to Vuze was significant, as, like BitTorrent, Inc., the company seeks to have an amicable distribution agreement with the entertainment industry. Whether it will be enough to garnish a $1 billion takeover is another matter.

Notably absent from the "Best New Project" category is eMule, as 7+ years of existence has finally disqualified the project. However, eMule did qualify for two rather dubious awards. The SourceForge community nominated eMule as "Most Likely to Be Accused of Patent Violation" and "Most Likely to Get Users Sued". It should be noted though, the eMule shares that distinction some very popular software. Accompanying eMule in the former category is 7-Zip, OpenOffice, and the occasionally temperamental but gloriously utilitarian IM client Pidgin.

In the latter category, eMule isn't the only application that the SourceForge community feels can get a user sued. Azureus, DC++, and Shareaza are the other P2P applications that join eMule in potential legal limbo. It should be noted, however, that users of these applications have historically faced little in the way of copyright prosecution. Voting will continue and remain open until the end of the month, and the winners will be declared on July 25th.

In the two years SourceForge has awarded open source programs, P2P has always taken home some form of accolades. The awards process has changed from the previous two years, and everyone and anyone can vote. Voting requires registration; however, if you feel that eMule stands a good chance of getting you or your girlfriend sued, vote early and vote often.

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