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Textbook Torrents Disables 78 BitTorrent Listings
July 1, 2008
Thomas Mennecke
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There's little doubt that the cost of an advanced education is an extraordinary affair. Students are notoriously cash strapped, with tuition, commuting, dorming and living expenses easily piling up. As a result, students often look towards alternative means to acquire what they want. File-sharing has become a desired alternative, well known to college and university students looking to mitigate their entertainment expenses.

Another costly expense is text books. What relevance do textbooks have with the file-sharing revolution? Good question. Like music, movies, and other forms of media, books have also become highly sought after commodities in the file-sharing world. And like music and movies, students are resorting to the file-sharing world to keep their textbook costs down.

Textbook Torrents sought to assimilate into the university student's lifestyle by providing an avenue to trade otherwise expensive books in the ebook format. A great idea if you're a college student, as college level text books can easily surpass $100.00 a pop. For book publishers, however, the thought of living through the same hell as the music industry was enough to order a cease and desist to Textbook Torrents.

"On Friday, we received a request from Pearson Education, one of the bigger textbook publishers, listing 78 torrents that they wanted disabled," an administrator posts on the front page. "While they are acting on extremely shaky legal ground, we are not in a position to fight a legal battle with the organization. As a result, in the interest of allowing the continued existence of this place, I have acceded to their request and disabled access to the listed torrents. Because of the batch process I used, uploaders will not receive the usual notification associated with a disabled torrent."

Slyck caught up with the administrator of the site, "Geekman", who diffused the overall impact on his site

"Sadly, we sometimes have to make concessions in the interest of keeping the site alive. I would love to be able to fight for every torrent, but I'd prefer that the site stay online. It's not an unusual situation for BitTorrent trackers to find themselves in. I know Demonoid has been served with hundreds of such notices and has complied in each instance I know of."

Overall, Geekman told Slyck that Pearson Education only represents "1.3% of the 5,900 torrents currently on the site", and those still trading Pearson Education ebooks will continued to be managed by the tracker.

The C&D notice comes at an unfortunate time. Textbook Torrents was featured on today, however, the article was published without the knowledge of the take down notice. Music, movies, or text book publishers realize the overwhelming P2P wildfire that can consume their bottom line if left unchecked. Textbook Torrents may have had the best of intentions going into the BitTorrent fray, yet didn’t quite realize the resolve of publishers to avoid “Napster Part II: The College Textbook.”

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