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Attorney Fees Affirmed in P2P Case
June 25, 2008
Thomas Mennecke
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Last month, Slyck reported on Tanya Anderson's plight to receive attorney fees for her arduous battle against Atlantic Records. Like many alleged P2P pirates, Tanya was accused of copyright infringement. However, she didn't cave in and instead decided to fight Atlantic Records. Although the case against her was dropped, she still claimed to have over $300,000 in legal bills. As the victor in the case, she filed for the recovery of attorney fees.

The judge overseeing the case granted Tanya some success in her claim by granting her $107,834 in attorney fees - far short of the $300,000. However, it was better than receiving nothing, which Atlantic Records would probably have preferred. Both sides objected in late May, and the claim went to a district judge for review.

The district judge overseeing the attorney fee claim rejected both objections, according to Recording Industry vs. The People, and affirmed the $107,834 award.

"After careful review of the record and the parties' objections, I agree with Magistrate Judge Acosta's analysis and conclusions...Andersen is hereby awarded attorney's fees in the amount of$103,175. Andersen's Bill of Costs is APPROVED in the amount of $4,659."

This is good news for Mrs. Anderson, who could have seen her award reduced or eliminated. Appeals are always possible, however things appear to be working in her favor.

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